Over the years, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous editorial photo shoots, primarily organised by wedding planners, to showcase various concepts for wedding events.

R&C Events said:

This hybrid editorial is equal parts dreamy, feminine and romantic while also keeping its colorful, cheerful and elegant mood. Set in the middle of an estate on the beautiful island of Crete, surrounded by olive groves and grape vines, we decided to play along with the rustic-chic atmosphere and enhance it. A glistening crystal chandelier hanging over our colorfully set up table, flower vines scaling the church, a blanket of flowers enveloping the main tree of the courtyard. The whole color-scheme was inspired by the fiery sunsets that one can see all over Greece, and especially on Crete. The flowers were carefully chosen to pop and grab your attention, while also fitting into the environment and giving it a seamless look.’

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Eventuries Wedding Planner said: Nature is an endless source of inspiration no matter the season and Geropotamos beach was the sparkle that caught my eye to make this shoot happen. This beach owes its name to Geropotamos River, which flows into this sea. That river was without doubt the perfect ceremony backdrop. Glowing natural skin tones in bridal make-up and the ivory fabric in the dress were immersed in the palette of neutral, earthy and green tones created by the surrounding grasses. The groom equally stunning, next to her ethereal bride wore a gorgeous black and white suit. The tablescape overlooked the breathtaking sea arches that have a mysterious allure that are entirely otherworldly

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Andreas Markakis said

Fluffy, colorful florals, romantic yet catchy will take your guests breath away. Setting them in front of the white Greek chapel, and mixed with minimal transparent ceremony chairs, is where the traditional and amusing part will happen.

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25project said:

A winter wedding styled shoot at a 15th-century events venue truly captured the ethereal and atmospheric essence of the season. The result was a mesmerizing and unforgettable celebration, where every element came together to create an enchanting experience. For couples seeking a winter wedding that exudes warmth, sophistication, and magic, this styled shoot serves as an inspiration for creating an atmosphere that will leave guests in awe.

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